Discover a world of art at Agapi Beach Resort

At Agapi Beach Resort we are proud to feature significant works of art by acclaimed Greek artists in the Hotel lobby, readily available for everyone to enjoy.

A tribute to Crete's artistic world

The painting hanging at the lobby’s lounge area belongs to Cretan painter Nikos Viskadourakis. Born in 1956 in Heraklion, Crete, Viskadourakis studied at the School of Fine Art inThessalonki, in Teta Makri ‘s workshop. The expressionistic world of colour and action characterizes all his paintings.

The clay artwork

The wonderful clay artwork by our lifts, belongs to the Cretan ceramist Nafsika Kornarou, whose work is prominently featured in the Heraklion Municipal Gallery.

A tribute to our heritage

Original Cretan hand-woven textiles and embroideries of the owners’ family are displayed in the lobby area, paying a tribute to the island’s heritage of folk art.


Ghikas' tapestry

The large-scale tapestry featured in the hotel’s lobby, belongs to the acclaimed Greek artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas. Ghikas – a prominent figure of the renowned Thirties Generation in Greece – is well-known for combining cubist & constructivist formulations with various types of Greek art in his paintings, illustrations, sculptures and other art forms he has engaged into throughout his career.

Erotokritos' Joust by Iannis Nikou

An artwork by Iannis Nikou, one of the most important Greek painters and main representative of the School of “Magic Realism”, is featured next to our Reception. The theme of the painting, is taken from one of the most romantic epic poems of the Cretan Renaissance, “Erotokritos”, composed by poet Vintsentzos Cornaros.

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