Cretan flavors, live music & dance

Participate and have fun with us! Guests at our resort are encouraged to participate in our weekly cooking lessons, while Cretan Night at the resort enables you to engage in the culture of the island in a truly transcendent way, with live music and dance and a presentation of indigenous flavors and artifacts, Cretan Night at the resort enables you to engage in the culture of the island in a truly transcendent way.


Supporting our community

In trying to be true to our roots, we bring together local
produce, Cretan wine and the local community by enhancing
our all-inclusive package with a new dining choice. Enjoy an
a-la-carte dinner in one of the most loved and most
frequented family run tavernas of Heraklion.
With hearty cuisine based on the freshest ingredients and
top-quality produce, the menu pairs delicious recipes of
the island of Crete with a social and fun atmosphere. Enjoy!

Book your table at our Main Restaurant’s host, one day prior, until 20:00.

The taverna accepts bookings throughout the week, except from Saturday night & Sunday lunch-time.


Participate and learn 
Guests at our resort are encouraged to participate in our weekly cooking lessons, which feature traditional recipes from Crete and throughout Greece and are held at Taverna Akrogiali. Curated by the resort’s Executive Chef, the recipe varies every week. Additional events include bread-baking lessons, Cretan cheese preparations and more.



Wine pairings & Delicious Flavors

Wine tasting in Crete is just a sip away. Come taste the local wines inspired by the bounty of the island that capture the playful spirit of this Cretan paradise. Special wine appreciation events are organized in order to showcase and promote Crete’s indigenous grape varieties.

Come and join us on one of these occasions and get acquainted with Crete’s most iconic varieties, Plyto, Dafni, Vilana, Mandilari and Kotsifali. Savor them with delicious local cheeses pairings, including Tirozouli, Anthotiros, Xynomizithra, Mizithra, and Gruyere – a gourmet immersion into the flavors and aromas of Crete.



Crete’s liquid gold

Said to be the liquid gold and key ingredient of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet, olive oil is a significant source of energy and nutrients that plays an important role for our health. With an ever-growing popularity amongst food lovers, a good quality olive oil can be enjoyed as much as a glass of expensive wine. All you need is the perfect place to have a taste! Indulge in the richness and complexity of olive oil produced in Crete with a unique Cretan Olive Oil Experience.



Have fun with our Live Music Evenings

Our entertainment program, brings new life to your evenings. Spirits are lifted with the vibes of live violin,
piano music &  Greek & Cretan music performed by local artists.

Live Vocals duet

Piano nights at the main bar once a week

Live violin music once a week

Beach party with a live DJ set

Greek & Cretan Night, with live music and dances

Grill & Mingle
Our great Gazebo BBQ & Bonfire gatherings are back!
Our chefs will prepare delicious food for friends and family fun around the grill.
Reservations are required; a fee applies.

Embracing our Heritage

There is no better way to understand the Cretan way of life than to experience it firsthand. All of us at Agapi Beach Resort are dedicated to showing you the personal side of the island – our history, our traditions and our values.

Join us in Cretan Bazaar events, Cretan Lyra Evenings, Grape Stomping, Raki Spirit Distillation and Klidonas; these events and festivities stay true to the local customs and heritage of the island and enrich the present day experience. Go beneath the surface of the destination and approach it through the view point of its local residents. So, come and experience true Crete for yourself and be immersed into the authentic Cretan culture!


Inspiring Mediterranean Menus

The resort also hosts a number of other themed evenings at the Main Restaurant, which include:


LA FAMIGLIA – Heartfelt Italian dishes with the fershest ingredients


A JOURNEY TO GREECE – A culinary voyage around the Greek islands & countryside


OUR FISHERMAN’S BASKET – Fish and Seafood, The Greek Way


LEVANTINE TOUCH – Explore the culinary secrets of the Eastern Mediterranean

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